Saturday, 14 January 2012

While I was away.........

Florist in Geneva.

I discovered when we were away- I hate the cold (I knew this !)
I love hot chocolate - they make amazing melted chocolate in the mountains!
I miss my children SO MUCH, when I'm not with them
I do love England (but wish it was warmer!!)
Switzerland is far too expensive and who really wants a Cartier watch ??? All that expensive STUFF I can live without ,give me a tatty ,vintage,peeling paint table/ chair etc... any day!!
I need to go away , do stuff not just work- Several people I know have died lately that have worked solidly ,no holiday etc ,then BANG GONE! Life is too short- So I close now the odd day-hey ,its better that than close for good!!



Laura said...

Glad you got away.. I agree.. you must take time to enjoy beauty.. I love your blog.. you inspire me and if feels like a mini vacation... enjoy your week...

Hester Cresswell said...

Must be something to do with 2012 I am determined not to paint for so many hours this year and go on holiday and enjoy just being. We are off to Cuba next week can't wait.