Thursday, 12 January 2012

4 days , three countries.....

We stayed with our lovely Italian friends ,who live in France just over the border from Switzerland. Lovely food consumed , sights to take your breath away and enough rest to recharge - I feel very motivated now I`m back!
Snow in Italy.
Frozen waterfall- to climb....
"Shall we???" well not me , I can tell you !! A long walk through the woods instead!
Mountains and a lake ..... Rick loves mountains , I love water .
One day - a house with shutters! dream house ( I must add , I am more than happy with our current abode but somewhere hot , with a boulangerie around the corner and a lake to dip into would be rather nice?)

Annecy , France.
We loved it here, a lovely lake ,the mountain backdrop, quaint little shops .

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The Cloth Shed said...

Looks fabulous and what great places to visit and re charge your batteries. The frozen waterfall is spectacular, but I really wouldn't want to climb it either...
Julie x