Monday, 25 October 2010

Rich pickings

Someone asked me `Has the field been worth doing`
OH YES! With out a dout!! Hard work yes. Expensive initial set up costs but growing the flowers yourself is so much cheaper ,less millage for the flowers and me to travel to get them and you get to grow flowers you just don't get at the wholesalers (If they are they are so expensive ) Some flowers i wont grow for cutting next year but will place them in the garden for decoration -the Love -lies -bleeding is too big for a hand tied!
`What has worked the best?`

Sweet peas
Cerinthe , Cosmos, Dill.etc etc..

The beds were going to be created in Winter but down came the snow . We had short time in Spring to get the beds created ,dug over and planted.
So from this ...

To these...

Larkspur was sown in the Autumn and nibbled by the rabbits but still grew strong. The petals and great for confetti .

Sweet peas went on and on , no mildew! The path was too narrow to pick . The scent was amazing when squashed in amongst the plants picking .

Cornflowers were so tall- I have never seen such long stems!
I was touched the other day Bunny Guiness called and asked me what unusual flowers would I recommend for cutting in May as she is designing a garden for Chelsea . So yes , all in all it has been worth it. The weather was kind this year. Who knows what will grow well next year . Lots of seedlings have emerged ,lets hope they last the winter? Hardy Annuals are tougher than you think and such good value!
So go on buy some seeds...

Saturday, 23 October 2010

This week...

Excited as iv booked to go to Marrakech in the new year!!
Iv been digging up the Dahlias -the frost got them .
They were flowering their socks off before Jack frost hit.
Planting Tulips hundreds of them .
Trying to get the workshop in the barn finished (still waiting for the wooden floor.
My Laptop has died .
The thermals came out this week!!
Oh and doing lots of flowers and wedding flowers.
Have fun this

Monday, 18 October 2010

Save the date... Nov 12th Christmas preview

Last Christmas

I'm not feeling well!! Got the lurggie. So I'm sorting out Christmas stock ready for November 12th -Our Christmas preview evening 6-9pm . Do come along for a peek and a free glass of fizz! Lovely to see you.
Lots of goodies to see Wreaths , Table decorations you can order in advance and get 10% off! Christmas cards , vintage goodies and lots more.

Friday, 8 October 2010

Very Seasonal-makes a change from pink and cream....

The bride wanted Autumnal seasonal flowers and she got them. This weekends wedding.

Conker time... The World Conker Championships are on this Sunday near here . They used to hold it in the village of Ashton were it was created but its got to big for the village . The weather is usually Sunny and warm and this weekend is going to be very warm indeed!
Have fun in the sun this weekend!

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

shop and garden....

Iv been vintage shopping ,so lots of new bits and bobs in.
New dresser -great for display and storing china
Sunny then rain ,sunny then rain!

Passion flowers stil going strong in the polytunnel

Monday, 4 October 2010

Visit to Sussex-Sorry not been blogging ,gremlins !!

Some Fantastic shops in Hastings old town-Loved it.

Lots of vintage . Lovely shop in Hasting `Bells Bicycles` So friendly and helpful- I have an old Pashley bike for 15 years now and i love it to bits but i need somthing lighter so i may sell the pashly and get one of these gems-pop it on my xmas list?

We stopped off at Sarah Raven`s Garden open for the NGS-The weather was warm even if the owners welcoming wasn't! Lovely to see the flowers,i wished my fiels was as need but then there is only me to garden and pick the flowers for selling different kettle of fish.
IL walk out of a shop if the person serving is snotty-Customers keep us in a job ! Costs nothing to smile and be friendly well that`s what I tell my children.
We all have off days ,I guess?
Tell us your tales good or bad.