Monday, 25 October 2010

Rich pickings

Someone asked me `Has the field been worth doing`
OH YES! With out a dout!! Hard work yes. Expensive initial set up costs but growing the flowers yourself is so much cheaper ,less millage for the flowers and me to travel to get them and you get to grow flowers you just don't get at the wholesalers (If they are they are so expensive ) Some flowers i wont grow for cutting next year but will place them in the garden for decoration -the Love -lies -bleeding is too big for a hand tied!
`What has worked the best?`

Sweet peas
Cerinthe , Cosmos, Dill.etc etc..

The beds were going to be created in Winter but down came the snow . We had short time in Spring to get the beds created ,dug over and planted.
So from this ...

To these...

Larkspur was sown in the Autumn and nibbled by the rabbits but still grew strong. The petals and great for confetti .

Sweet peas went on and on , no mildew! The path was too narrow to pick . The scent was amazing when squashed in amongst the plants picking .

Cornflowers were so tall- I have never seen such long stems!
I was touched the other day Bunny Guiness called and asked me what unusual flowers would I recommend for cutting in May as she is designing a garden for Chelsea . So yes , all in all it has been worth it. The weather was kind this year. Who knows what will grow well next year . Lots of seedlings have emerged ,lets hope they last the winter? Hardy Annuals are tougher than you think and such good value!
So go on buy some seeds...


Florist in the Forest said...

So inspiring to see your pics and makes me so excited for next year.
Raised beds have taken over where the marquee for our wedding was this summer, so I can expand my range of cut flowers!! I can't wait!
Looking forward to seeing more pics from your field.

Belinda said...

It is inspiring seeing someone doing what I am but on a grander scale - you list of do-ers is similar to mine, the cornflowers were really tall with me too. Bells of Ireland, ammi and bupleurum were winners here for fillers. Best of luck for the cutting beds next year, may the rabbits tuck in elsewhere! Belinda x

Tracey said...

For someone who loves gardening, this post was pure heaven!! Gorgeous flower beds, wow!!! Your list includes some of my favorites for sure!

Hugs ~

:) T

Country Style Living said...

So inspiring! Wish I had room to have beds like that......