Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Spring fever...

The end of Feb-boy I'm glad to see the back of that baby! As months go its been rather pants!

Hurrah for March - Love March (mainly because it being my Birthday on Monday and it seems more like Spring is coming to visit us??

Sorry, for the lack of posting, I'm a busy bee in the garden. I'm painting plant stands and getting in the zone

News of workshops and days to follow .. I promise!!

Toddle pip



Sorry, not blogging-so busy in the garden/ shop .... Hectic but in a good way!

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Think I'm getting a balance of work/life ratio??
After 6 years of having the shop I'm realising -I cant do it all!
My accountant said " get a cleaner-so I did, I'm so glad I did-Its like having a mum in the house ( I haven't had one since I was 7) Gives you a real cosy feeling and takes a whole heap of stress away.
My father-in- law expressed an interest to help out -he has been cutting, sawing and all those 'big' jobs you put off. Hubie does so much ,as ever!!
Ali my dear sweet helper paints furniture and we chat about the world
Flynn washed up today and baked an apple crumble.
I'm happier and less stressed thanks to my team.

More time to blog!

Have a relaxed weekend Txxx

Amazing weather the last few days- I loved being out in the garden, a real joy. The sun makes such a difference!
I just adore Hellebore's -so mysterious looking.
Snowdrops are such a joy after the long cold Winter. I used them for a funeral this week.
Have you ever smelt a Snowdrop-some are very heavily scented.
A fab night by the bonfire-listening to New order - the oldies are always the best!

Sunday, 19 February 2012

While hubbie is away 'going up the mountain , down the mountain' in snowy Wales- I have been busy in the garden. Potting up Dahlias for sprouting. Iv been clearing the cutting field too.
Thought I'd show you a photo in all its bareness!! Rather dull but soon will Spring into life?

Also made a delicious sticky Toffee pudding
Cut Flynn's hair
A lot of mundane jobs too

Hoping for a jollier week than last week- Poppy finally on the mend , Wretched bug took ages to go!
Have a happy week!
I love looking at the images on tumbler -Poppy, loves them and has a tumbler page now too.
I like this one- confetti

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Flynn has picked up the knitting needles again this half term . He made a lovely case for his iPod but Ede unfortunately took a shine to it and chewed it in a frenzy on Valentines day -in total disgust at me not walking her (I was rather busy,that day!!) Flynn was rather annoyed with her to say the least!

Thursday, 16 February 2012

The other day I redecorated our 'office' (very small room under the stairs!)
We all feel more organised now -just hope it stays that way??

My poor Poppy, has endless bad luck lately and now to top it off she has come down with a sick bug! A sweet, kind girl that's never been any trouble apart from being bullied at school, she's had hard time of it off late but works hard. I just hope she gets some good luck soon, she deserves it!

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Love my job - when customers email to say 'Thank you, you made my valentines!'

Several have sent pics of the bouquets at home -sweet! and RELAX ......

I can see my children now - well it is half term too! Take Ede for a walk -its been a while.

Monday, 13 February 2012

Hope you all have a happy Valentines
I would love a surprise trip to Paris or an exotic beach
A Deer hound-I adore them
But IL make do with a box of Lindt chocolates - Not fussed about getting flowers!!

Its been a long day more to go!

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Open Everyday next week!!

We shall be open Monday and Tuesday - for Floral delights for your loved ones or maybe you just fancy coming in saying 'Hi' and checking out our goodies??

Open 10-5pm tel 01832 274593 or email me
ordering would be strongly advisable !

Due to popular demand we are opening up our barn room with vintage/french style furniture and bits and bobs . We opened this room at Christmas and folk have been very keen for a peep in this year.
Any small groups out there wishing to hire the room for a sewing / art group please enquire.

Have a lovely weekend folks and keep warm!

Thursday, 9 February 2012


Skies and feeling like all the stuffing has been sucked out off you day with bad news.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

LOL- I went to our local food store for some cider to make a pork and cider casserole-the check out lady asked me for ID!! '' Ha Ha, very funny-I'm serious she said I can't serve you!!
I'm 45 next month so I was rather flattered but I think she must be bonkers but hey made my evening!!
I heard today that this winter weather will be with us for a month- PLEASE , NO!!!!!! I NEED Spring!! So hard getting out of a warm bed in the morning.
Ede woke me up at 1am barking-she never barks at night, so I jumped up to look out for intruders. OWLS -calling out, must of freaked her-I thought it was rather lovely (better than intruders!) So went back to sleep.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

The snow arrived

Ede loves the snow!
Friday, when the sun was shinning, we had a blazing bonfire and burnt all the garden waste, very satisfying! We wouldn't have had the bonfire if we still a recycling centre but not that's disbanded we have to think of alternatives. The only other alternative would involve driving a 20 mile round trip, so I think the bonfire was more Eco in the long run than 8 trips? We even had lunch in the garden, it was so warm in the sunshine!

Friday, 3 February 2012

Pink is the new Red!

Foxtail Valentines - Hearts £75.00
Bouquets from £25.00- Order in advance -tell your chap what you would LOVE- like this Valentines!!!