Saturday, 25 February 2012

Think I'm getting a balance of work/life ratio??
After 6 years of having the shop I'm realising -I cant do it all!
My accountant said " get a cleaner-so I did, I'm so glad I did-Its like having a mum in the house ( I haven't had one since I was 7) Gives you a real cosy feeling and takes a whole heap of stress away.
My father-in- law expressed an interest to help out -he has been cutting, sawing and all those 'big' jobs you put off. Hubie does so much ,as ever!!
Ali my dear sweet helper paints furniture and we chat about the world
Flynn washed up today and baked an apple crumble.
I'm happier and less stressed thanks to my team.

More time to blog!

Have a relaxed weekend Txxx

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Poppy said...

My OH helps me when I get really busy at work. There is nothing better than team work! X