Sunday, 23 December 2012

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Apologies, for the lack of posts. Life or should I say work has taken over!
The Wreath making workshops were a huge hit and so have the wreaths! I have been busy, busy, busy!
Ede, was quite poorly for a wee while, but is now back to her old self!

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Wreath making time....

This is what I shall be doing from now on!!
To order one call 01832 274593
Email -
A few places left on workshops too....

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Christmas started this week....

 I was ill last week, so feeling rather sluggish I set to work making the shop a Christmas haven.
 This vintage hat box gave me inspiration. I'm not a Red person but hey, it's Christmas, so I went for it!
 This lovely vintage stocking came from the lovely Carol @ Vintage Treasures -

 This globe I made from foraging in the garden, it helped fill some space in the big barn.
The thought of de- cluttering was daunting but once we cracked on with it we cleared a lot of space that was previously wasted, so I'm so glad we did (Had help from good friends!) Amazing how the more space you have the more you fill it !
Stall holders sold their wears on the preview evening,and I was rather worried it was too rustic?? Getting a new floor, painting the walls within a week wasn't an option!
Stupidly I forgot to take pictures on the night! Dashing about I totally forgot and I'm cross with myself!!

 We cut down a branch from our crowded Silver Birch to make a centre piece -it cast lovely shadows on the wall.
 Christmas Candles
 Rich pickings from the garden.
What a pretty fairy on Betty and Violet's stall
 Mimi's Vintage -she has popped in my shop a few times and I didn't know she was having a stall -was lovely surpass to see her and these lovely goodies! I could have brought them all but my house is full!!
A visit to the Christmas vintage Boutique at Woburn was a must on Thursday. Time wise it was a push to get things finished for the preview but knowing there were some lovely bloggers going who would have beautiful stalls was irresistible. Woburn was so picturesque in the Deer reserve - The Stags standing out in the Mist.
The fair was organised by the lovely lady behind Betty and Violet blog-she had some stunning things.
Check out her blog Betty and Violet.
The Washerwoman was there too . I brought my friend a nativity Mary from her as a thank you for all his help this week.
Vintage Treasures had a stand too -Carol always displays her pieces so beautifully-hard to resist!
What a lovely way to Christmas shop!

The Christmas preview was a great evening. A big 'Thank you' to all that ventured out. I always appreciate folk coming out on a dark Winters eve to visit us.
I love getting it ready for an event but very tired now afterwards!
I almost feel Iv done Christmas now but know its just the beginning!

So big 'Thank you' all helpers those who helped prepare and those who support a small business by shopping here!

Wednesday, 7 November 2012


Lovely low light in the mornings, filtering in through my bedroom window.
Vintage cast iron urns Brought at antiques fair- lovely for Christmas plants.

The Barn wall-all mended!! The huge crack has now vanished (after 40 odd years!!) The door/window will go in next, the Barn will finally be watertight.
Booking up very fast!
Next week!!!
50's Ottoman new buy!

Friday, 2 November 2012

A small gift...that won't break the bank.

 We all know times are hard but we all need a small treat from time to time.
So we have small posies for £6.00
Candles in tins for £3.95-  good stocking fillers
French soaps for £2.75

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Novembers just around the corner

 Lovely having half term a chance to relax and see my children unwind-they get too much homework these days!
Work is progressing on the barn-it has really made us clear the space. Amazing what things we hold onto! The more space you have the more you fill it. We can plot and plan now all the things we could do with the space (if we had the money, that is!)
 Candles lit...
 Dahlias still blooming. Luckily the frost hasn't it them, as yet, they are going strong.
 The leaves are a stunning colour now but it will a constant stream of leaf sweeping soon.

Ede takes the prime spot by the fire every night now!

Sunday, 28 October 2012

A weekend away....

 I brought tickets for my favourite band over 6 months ago. I didn't think I would get a second chance to ever see them again. I saw them over 20 years ago and fell in love with their haunting vocals.
The last venue was in a crowded small venue-this time it was to be the impressive Albert Hall. I have never been before, neither has my other half (all the bands we saw over the many years have been crowded small venues, it was our courtship and we loved it- pre children, pre getting older!)
Poppy loves this band too, so we took her to her first gig. Flynn couldn't be persuaded!

Exciting to see all generations fill such an impressive building.
They didn't disappoint- the vocals were totally amazing, hairs on the back off your neck and brought tears to my eyes, especially when she sang the song she co wrote to 'Gladiator'
They returned for 3 on cores!  The cheering, floor stomping - Didn't want it to end!

We had a lovely time the next day,  looking at shops and visiting the V&A - amazing cafe, yummy cakes!
Lovely to get away , for a short while.

On our return, Flynn had made us all Spaghetti and  brownies and tidied the house! ( He stayed with his Grandad) We were touched- perhaps I should go away more often? His turn to go and see the new Bond film tonight!