Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Novembers just around the corner

 Lovely having half term a chance to relax and see my children unwind-they get too much homework these days!
Work is progressing on the barn-it has really made us clear the space. Amazing what things we hold onto! The more space you have the more you fill it. We can plot and plan now all the things we could do with the space (if we had the money, that is!)
 Candles lit...
 Dahlias still blooming. Luckily the frost hasn't it them, as yet, they are going strong.
 The leaves are a stunning colour now but it will a constant stream of leaf sweeping soon.

Ede takes the prime spot by the fire every night now!


artesdejanine said...

Beautifull images, just love the moments you discribe :)
Hugs janine

Knit, Natter, Nature, Nurture said...

Ede has the right idea - a warming log fire each evening is just the best thing about November !!

humphreycumfycushion said...

Ede asleep by the fire - too cute!