Sunday, 28 October 2012

A weekend away....

 I brought tickets for my favourite band over 6 months ago. I didn't think I would get a second chance to ever see them again. I saw them over 20 years ago and fell in love with their haunting vocals.
The last venue was in a crowded small venue-this time it was to be the impressive Albert Hall. I have never been before, neither has my other half (all the bands we saw over the many years have been crowded small venues, it was our courtship and we loved it- pre children, pre getting older!)
Poppy loves this band too, so we took her to her first gig. Flynn couldn't be persuaded!

Exciting to see all generations fill such an impressive building.
They didn't disappoint- the vocals were totally amazing, hairs on the back off your neck and brought tears to my eyes, especially when she sang the song she co wrote to 'Gladiator'
They returned for 3 on cores!  The cheering, floor stomping - Didn't want it to end!

We had a lovely time the next day,  looking at shops and visiting the V&A - amazing cafe, yummy cakes!
Lovely to get away , for a short while.

On our return, Flynn had made us all Spaghetti and  brownies and tidied the house! ( He stayed with his Grandad) We were touched- perhaps I should go away more often? His turn to go and see the new Bond film tonight!

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