Sunday, 20 April 2014

My dear old Dad passed away the end of March, hence why Iv been away from blogging for quite some time! He was in hospital for several months. we knew it was coming to the end of his days, so we  managed to get him home. He was so much happier to be home. I found it very hard seeing him so frail, as he was so active for his age (91!)
At home he could look out of the window and see the garden and hear the birds. I think this gave him such peace. We had time to reflect and say our goodbyes.
I feel sad, but proud he was my Dad, glad he had such a long life and try and be thankful for the fact he died in the room he was born in , how many can say that?! The happy times he spent with his grandchildren.
I have had such support from my family and friends. My hubbie was amazing, he looked after him like his own Dad and has grieved as if he was too. I think I feel in love with him more for that!

Putting together the flowers, Hymns etc did help.
My dear friend Carry Akroyd kindly let us use one of her prints from the John Clare book of poems she illustrated to use on the order of service sheets. Trying to make the service about 'Thanks giving' for all the thinks he loved, Birds, Spring, flowers really did help.
I took stock of the love of my family and friends , the sunshine, birds singing and for all of these things i say 'Thank you Dad' xxxx


Dad holding Poppy for the first time. 

Lots of love xxxx