Thursday, 25 April 2013

Thank you for all kind messages, means a lot.

Vintage Day is going ahead as planned  -  May 11th 11-3pm

Free Entry

Lots of Cakes and teas.

Lots of love T xxx

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Ta, ta for now...

I have neglected my blogging duties of late as I have be struggling along with life.
My father, who is 90 and who lives with us got taken to hospital at Easter. He is very good for his age and has always been very active. His age is catching up with him now. We are doing all we can to keep him here at home with us. I love him dearly but it isn't easy at times. My kids are now teenagers and so they help out but it isn't easy for them. They have exams etc to deal with too.
I still have a shop to run, weddings to do and a garden to plot and plant but that is a blessing at times.

My Mother died when I was 7 and my Dad has always been there for me so I feel I should reciprocate.
So I may not have time for the blog as well!
Love to you all and thank you for listening over the years. xxx