Thursday, 31 May 2012

Been shopping!

 Vintage fair style
 This old till still has the roll of paper intact.
 I don't know what I shall do with this old coat stand but loved the panel at the bottom.
 These are sold already!!
I love the colour of this material- faded raspberry?

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Weekend frolics-

 Visiting friends in Lovely sunny Norfolk. Paddling in streams . Sunlight streaming through trees.

 Catching Crayfish!

 Putting them back!

 Blue sky till dusk. We had a lovely meal out in a quint, Country pub.

 My friends have a lovely house, very cool from the heat of the day.
The horse was a purchase I made in moment of holiday spending fever (along with a new bicycle )
Poor horse has no tail , so hubbie named him Arsiebald! (As I was to call him Archiebald!) No ears too but someone had to love him!!
 My friend has always collected old bits (long before it was hip!)
My eldest friend, we grew up next door to one another. When I was into dolls, she was into old bones , she had her own little museum in the garden . She now works in a museum along with her hubbie.

These paintings are by her sister Mary Sumner.

All in all a splendid weekend.

Friday, 25 May 2012

Friday at Foxtail..

 Lots of Poppies in flower
 The Angelica is very tall this year!
 Selling lots of plants.
 Lovely and cool in the barn!

Black Violas, very this season!
 Floral goodies went out the door

Im off to Norfolk this weekend, to stay with friends.
Have a good weekend, what ever you are up to?
Enjoy the sunshine. xxx

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Summer time

and the living is easy-

The flip flops are on, eating alfresco, lots of lounging going on- when not working, that is!
Has that holiday feel about it-love it!!
Im off to visit friends in Norfolk this weekend- then we really will feel like we are on holiday?
Im really looking forward to some time off- the one draw back to working at home, is that you never really clock off, hard to sit back when there is always a job to do.
Recharge the batteries.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012


My excitement got the better of me, the other day-My exciting news is no longer do able- I shall not bore you, with detail, so sorry if I got carried away, in the heat of the moment !!
Talking of heat... SOO HOT, love it but tad hot to garden in .

We had lovely BBQ instead with my daughter Poppy's lovely boyfriend, Charlie-such a happy, helpful chap!
My other Poppies .. returned for a visit.

Monday, 21 May 2012

 I have cheered up somewhat now the sun has reappeared! I was feeling rather down in the dumps with all those grey skies and this wretched lurgie, but I feel Iv turned a corner today. So i didn't want to write much on my blog to be all gloomy!!

We had some work done in our kitchen (finally, the house normally gets a back seat!) The tiles are Foxtail coloured (Fired Earth) Brightened the kitchen up.

These lovely little Violas have seeded in the gravel by the shop, so sweet.

I had some exciting news today -il tell all tom...

Friday, 18 May 2012

Lots of small posies for a wedding today - at a lovely local pub in the pretty village of Ashton .

A lovely lady from Poland came to our vintage day and took some lovely photos- check out her blog-