Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Change around, in the shop..

 The weather is really rather monotonous , at the moment, rain, rain and more rain!
Normally I live in the garden this time of year.
So I decided to move furniture around and busy myself with a good old change around in the shop-AHHH, Feeling so much better, for it!
Getting ready for Saturday -our Vintage day.


Riddlers cottage flowers said...

All looks very lovely as always.Off to Malvern show this weekend but up to see our friend in Kettering on the 21st hope there are some vintage fairs on around then.The weather looks great for Saturday have fun and if you don't sell it all will pop in to see what you when up there.Lesley

Foxtail Lilly said...

Many thank's-have fun at Malvern.x