Monday, 21 May 2012

 I have cheered up somewhat now the sun has reappeared! I was feeling rather down in the dumps with all those grey skies and this wretched lurgie, but I feel Iv turned a corner today. So i didn't want to write much on my blog to be all gloomy!!

We had some work done in our kitchen (finally, the house normally gets a back seat!) The tiles are Foxtail coloured (Fired Earth) Brightened the kitchen up.

These lovely little Violas have seeded in the gravel by the shop, so sweet.

I had some exciting news today -il tell all tom...


Anonymous said...

Your kitchen is just gorgeous, I LOVE it! Keep your spirits up,it certainly helps when the weather is better outside and you have a new kitchen!!

Mrs. Sutton said...

LOVE your kitchen - the tiles especially are gorgeous - and the sink is divine! I've just stumbled across you and I'm delighted - you have a beautiful blog - it's just my thing, and I look forward to reading through your old posts. Intrigued to know your news - lol!
Paula x