Saturday, 31 August 2013

Paxos paradise...

 My daughter, Poppy and I went to Paxos last week. We had a lovely time together, but unfortunately She got rather poorly. The doctor thought it was Chicken Pox! She had a scary rash all over, swollen eyes and high temp. Such a shame as she deserved a holiday after all the hard work she put into her A levels. I think it was probably due to that stress that brought it on??
When we returned to the doctor the next day he didn't think it was Chicken pox and put her on Antibiotics. They seemed to do the trick and she got a lot better. We managed to get some swims in the sea in the last few days and nice meals out after spending along time in her room! At least she could rest!! We loved going away but were glad to return home. I was surprised to see the Doctor was only 5.00 Euro and the kindness we found from others was very touching. I wouldn't hesitate to return to this peaceful, beautiful island (not sure if Poppy would be so keen!)
 The sea is as warm as a bath! Love this little town cove.
 Lovely taverna by the sea.

 Pastal shades in the Greek sunlight.

 Morning Glory all over the Hotel walls.

Lovely small boutique shops.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013


Sale of vintage goodies and gifts for 2 days only. When its gone, its gone.
We have a bargain £1.00 box
Several lovely pale Provence style shutters at only £35.00 each!!
Iron plant stands, etc, etc.

This Friday and Sat 11- 3pm.

Fresh flowers from the cutting field from only £1.00 bunch. Sweet Peas, Nigella, Dahlias.

Lovely to see you. xxx

Monday, 5 August 2013

I have been mostly....

Ede has had her portrait painted and we are now selling cards of her! 

Doing lots and lots of weddings!

And party flowers

We raised £750 for the NGS on our open day.
 Garden openings and groups... I'm sure they only come for the cake! If I had a £1 for every person saying I should open a tea shop!!! NO, I think I have enough to do already!! The Country is full of coffee shops!!
 Selling this lovely paint.

 Enjoying the sunshine (when we don't have to do a wedding... then we get cross at the heat)

 Picking and selling bucket fulls of Sweet Peas that have been very late this year.
 Roses, Roses everywhere. What a good year for the Roses!
 Lavender drying
 Oh and more weddings...
And just a little bit of plant buying ...

Now I'm having a month of, yes a Month!! A week in Paxos and catching up with family, friends, decorating and gardening and a bit of relaxing!!!

Enjoy your holidays x