Thursday, 28 February 2013

Bit of a change...I

Id had enough , I needed space to move around! I have these moments of All change. I would like to be more dramatic but time , dimensions and customers wants prevail. I'm ready for Mothers Day now!

 I have painted one wall grey- I may go Black- time will tell. We need light this time of year.

Sunday, 24 February 2013


 My lovely Poppy ready to go to her school Ball. How time goes by-18 this September!
 Dark double Hellebore's- COR!!!!
Love seeing these stunning beauties emerging in my garden. The beginning of the week felt like we had turned a corner. We seemed to have returned to Winter-boo hoo!!!
I have had lots of plug plants arrive to pot up and I have planted all my Dahlia tubers, they are buried snug in pots in the poly tunnel.
The garden has been getting a clean up bliz - bonfires , sweeping, cutting- it has to be done! Ready to welcome Spring.

Friday, 15 February 2013


 We survived Valentines, in fact it was our best yet. Men came in knowing what they (their wives wanted!) A few men told me that their wives said they only wanted flowers from us, so sweet!
Not one man asked for Red Roses! I just refuse to go there-I'm not keen and the price is crazy money! The supermarkets can do the cheap Roses, but they don't look nice and they don't last- try telling that to a sceptic ! So I'm rather tired now -I could do with a LONG holiday (ain't going to get it!)
I would love an exotic chill out
I would love a potter in the garden with sunshine and no food to cook and house to clean, wholesalers to go to, no collection from schools. I ain't gonna get that either!!

Today it rather felt like Spring???? The birds were singing away merrily . I think we are all ready to get away from grey skies and cold weather? I AM!

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Spring is a coming and so is new stock...

Lovely bags and cushions by Whinberry and Antler now in the shop.

Hares are very popular at all times of the year!

I went to a big trade fair today and Stags, antlers and Deer seem to be everywhere- big for next Christmas. I don't mind as I adore them.

The  Hellebore is one of my top favourite flowers.

I love seeing all the Spring flowers pop up after the snow.