Friday, 15 February 2013


 We survived Valentines, in fact it was our best yet. Men came in knowing what they (their wives wanted!) A few men told me that their wives said they only wanted flowers from us, so sweet!
Not one man asked for Red Roses! I just refuse to go there-I'm not keen and the price is crazy money! The supermarkets can do the cheap Roses, but they don't look nice and they don't last- try telling that to a sceptic ! So I'm rather tired now -I could do with a LONG holiday (ain't going to get it!)
I would love an exotic chill out
I would love a potter in the garden with sunshine and no food to cook and house to clean, wholesalers to go to, no collection from schools. I ain't gonna get that either!!

Today it rather felt like Spring???? The birds were singing away merrily . I think we are all ready to get away from grey skies and cold weather? I AM!

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