Sunday, 26 July 2009

What have you been doing??

Changing the shop round-cool summer colours-
Picking lots and lots of Sweet peas-the house and shop smell divine!!

Playing with puppies!! (My friends -NOT MINE!) We have been mean and had Ede spayed , when i see all the work involved with my friends -phew, i know i wouldn't have the time . They are cute ,a good job they are all sold as Flynn was keen!!

Weddings too....

Remembering a dear friend who died this week- I wish Id had more time to go and see her , she had a great love of plants and a true country garden . She taught me a lot about gardening a kind Friend sadly missed. xx

Friday, 10 July 2009

New venture-

So excited, My new venture- `the meadow` cutting garden....

The field next to where I live and work has just been signed over for me to be able to start work on. I will keep you posted on the progress through the year. Lots of hard work but lots of fantastic flowers to use in 2010!!

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

2nd honeymoon!!

We had company-mum at and her 2 kittens

So relaxing , lovely house we stayed in a small village in Turkey.
Sitting reading in the sun ,cooling down in the pool, with the scent of Jasmin in the air and the meditative sounds of the calls to pray. So nice to have a rest-been so busy of late.

Wild carrot - growing wild every where . The `it` plant at the moment featured a lot in Dan Pearsons designs and in `Gardens Illustrated`. I love it. Collected lots of seed,so you will be seeing it a lot in my garden next year.

Very vintage! Roses in old olive oil cans, don't think it would work as well in baked bean cans!!

Blue works so well abroad, brighter light