Monday, 4 October 2010

Visit to Sussex-Sorry not been blogging ,gremlins !!

Some Fantastic shops in Hastings old town-Loved it.

Lots of vintage . Lovely shop in Hasting `Bells Bicycles` So friendly and helpful- I have an old Pashley bike for 15 years now and i love it to bits but i need somthing lighter so i may sell the pashly and get one of these gems-pop it on my xmas list?

We stopped off at Sarah Raven`s Garden open for the NGS-The weather was warm even if the owners welcoming wasn't! Lovely to see the flowers,i wished my fiels was as need but then there is only me to garden and pick the flowers for selling different kettle of fish.
IL walk out of a shop if the person serving is snotty-Customers keep us in a job ! Costs nothing to smile and be friendly well that`s what I tell my children.
We all have off days ,I guess?
Tell us your tales good or bad.

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Country Style Living said...

Love Hastings too, although a few years now since I was last there. Always wanted to visit Sarah Ravens, was it that bad?