Monday, 2 January 2012

Getting away from it all.....

A trip out was needed, some bracing sea air-away from THE TV , COMPUTERS,IPODS,MOBILES ,XBOX , etc etc ......SANITY ! Amazing ,to laugh and chill out (literally)

The winter sun on the wetlands was amazing.
`Yes, it`s cold outside!
Frizzby on the beach
All this technology and we don't really talk now do we ? Mess about without thinking `its not cool` What ever happened to `THE LETTER` OH, getting one in the post! I had a boyfriend along time ago who wrote me 8 page letters ,he had very nice handwriting !! The same cant be said for a text!
I love coming to this beach-we walk and talk and act silly , run with Ede and feel connected.


Karen vdD said...

I adore your new title picture. Blue hyacinths and zinc colour - I can almost smell them! What is it that makes hyacinths so special? - those funny waxy-looking little things!

Country Rabbit said...

perfect escape ;0)x
yes, i too loved writing letters- i had lots of pen pals hehe...including a boyfriend who moved to france but wrote lovely letters ;0)