Sunday, 25 March 2012

Oh, happy days...

This weekend has been lovely- We did think we would venture to the coast, but with the fine weather we thought everyone would have the same idea, to tell you the truth I'm quite happy pottering about in the garden. Why sit in a car on a lovely sunny day? We had lunch in the garden. We had a BBQ and invited my lovely 82 year old neighbour who we are all very fond off-very spur of the moment but things usually work out better that way.
Feels like Summer, very odd for March ( I have heard the water board have plans to cut off our water for 6 hours a day soon(oh, what a worry!!) All we can do is enjoy the sunshine, nothing else we can do about it?

I love it when folk come into the shop and tell me they follow the blog- I do meet some lovely folk!!
So as, you can see I don't frequent the hip hangouts but It will do for me!!

Hope you all had a lovely happy, sunny weekend too??

Ede just has the easy life!!
Poppy studious in the garden (she has her GCSE'S this Summer!!) Is it me or do they have far too much work? I'm all for hard working ethic, but when they don't have time to see their friends etc its a bit much??
The Bell tent went back up, in the garden this weekend-lots of sleepovers to come.
My friend (Streetcomber) got me these house number plaques for my B'day- we put them up today-I have wanted some for ages. So many delivery people wonder what number house we are,they will now know!


Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures, your tent looks great! That is so kind of you to invite your 82 year old neighbour for a bbq lunch. Enjoy your warmer weather, here it is autumn and we had our wood delivery over the weekend.

OhSoVintage said...

Yes, the contrast between your dog sleeping in the garden and daughter studying in the garden. Think I'll be a dog next time! We are lucky that we live 5 minutes from the beach so were able to have a lovely long walk by the sea early on Saturday morning then spent the rest of the weekend gardening. We weren't brave enough to get the barbecue out yet though!