Monday, 26 March 2012

My garden style...

I don't have any grass, no fretting about brown scorched lawn. I started to gravel just the front garden and feel in love with the ease and look . The initial cost is expensive but when you whey it up against all the time spent having to cut grass and cost of petrol etc. I love the sparkle gravel gives of after a shower . Seedlings are easy to pick out and pop on or hoe away.
I go for group planting and plants that don't mind dry conditions. I like perennials that you can pop in and leave -they flower , leave pretty seed heads for the birds , I cut them back in the Spring and then they pop up the next year-Simple! When I plant I give them a really good water and mulch with homemade compost and then leave them to it.
Mass planting covers the soil so less weeds and keeps the moisture in as the roots are shaded.

Here are a few of my favourite plants that are hardy and tolerate dry conditions...

Eryingium 'Miss Wilmot's ghost' and Jos Eiking are my favs


Poppy (well I have to have lots of those!) Patty's Plum is a nice perennial

Scabiosa - Chilli black , Beaujoules bonnets


Verbena bonariensis



Nepeta 'six hills giant'

Penstemon heavenly blue is the only hardy one in my garden , so good on a edge of a border




Stipa grasses


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