Monday, 19 March 2012

Mindful gardening

Enjoying being in the garden, in the sunshine today. I was held prisoner in the shop all last week, no visiting outside. I have made the most of my day release today.
The poly tunnel is rammed full of potted up plants, to tender to brave the evening dip in temperature.
This time of year is so uplifting , feel all the shoots bursting forth.
I shall wait for the clocks to go forward before the main seed sowing starts. Seedlings go too leggy, if sown too early. We had a frost last night.

Mothers day finished now, onto Easter. When you have a shop you seem to jump from one event to another . Sometimes hardly gives you time to catch your breath! Gardening gives you time to meditate, being so busy thinking of what plant to put where and dig away , takes the cares away.

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Karen vdD said...

Spring in the Uk is so unbelievable special. We are starting to think of bedding down for the winter here in the mountains of South Africa. Enjoy that morning spring scent, the colour of the bulb flowers, the seedlings growing fresh.... such promise!