Monday, 19 December 2011

Festive lights

We finally got our Dec's up -we have a very titchy ,living tree this year.

We don't feel very festive with my Dad still in hospital! You don't realise the dire straits the NHS is in ,till someone you now is in their care. We think he will be in for Christmas ,as it is taking them so long to sort tests etc out??

Meanwhile ,I'm burning the midnight oil getting orders out- The workroom is full of candles, berries and foliage.


Rosa said...

It all looks very beautiful. Hope your dad is ok.

Country Rabbit said...

oh my! that really isnt good- bless your father on a speedy recovery! - so many ive spoke to say that about the mother for one who has had many trips to the hospital with nan spent a night outside an xray room because of lack of beds.
best wishes x your beautiful home will welcome him soon ;0)x

merry christmas! xx

Poppy said...

Sending lots of love to your dad! I hope you get to enjoy Christmas, try not to worry to much.

Lou xxx