Monday, 26 December 2011

And relax!!

What a relief to close the shop door ,Christmas eve and relax.
Had the best present I could wish for- Dad came home from hospital (he had to return today,but at least he got to spend Christmas here) They didn't discover anything too serious ,so a sigh of relief.
Another lovely surprise gift,our friend who lives near Geneva has invited us to stay and booked us flights as our prezzies . I have never been to Switzerland before so I'm very excited!!

We had such a lovely relaxing time much appreciated after all the stress of late and the hectic last few weeks in the shop.

Ede wore her red bow
We all had dinner in the Barn, So cozy.
She just needs them for the TV!
"Well it is Christmas!"
Never too old for bubbles!

The shop will open for New Years eve -then close for a rest and a revamp .
Seasons Greetings to you all. Warm wishes. xxx


Riddlers cottage flowers said...

So pleased your Dad is Ok. Lesley x

Country Rabbit said...

wonderful festivities with family ;0)
hope 2012 brings you joy, happiness and health x