Wednesday, 1 January 2014

What will the new year bring??

 None of us know what is lurking around the corner but I know that in this new year things will change.
My daughter will hopefully be off to University and as well as being proud I will feel rather lost as we are very close but it is the natural order of things.
My father will be 91 this month, he has been amazing and still soldiers on but his heath is declining.
So I have to make some hard decisions about my business. I have been pondering on closing for sometime. I don't want to, but we may have to adapt the shop for my Dad to move into. Im trying to think of way to adapt the business?
The shop has been my second home for 7 years now.
 Lots of weddings and events.
 The challenge of growing flowers for the shop.
 5 minutes of fame!!!! Fun experiences I would never have had if I had not had Foxtail Lilly.
 Lots of help and advice from friends and family
 Met some lovely folk through Vintage shopping
 Magazine articles have raised the profile of the shop.
If it wasn't for the shop I wouldn't have met so many lovely customers. The opportunity to be creative is  something I will have to find a way to carry on with no matter what direction I go?
So who knows what the year holds? I feel quite calm and know that the most important thing is my family and people face much worse dilemmas!!
So Happy New Year one and all and I hope it brings you health and happiness .

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Tracy x said...

happy happy new year wishes to you and whatever path you follow i am certain it will be the right one full of blessings.
often change is good xx