Friday, 17 January 2014

Planning a wedding...

I'm starting a small series of hints for planning weddings .

Find a florist/ flower person you like the look of their work.
Always ask to see photos . Social media is great for this now. Do not book someone that has no photos to show you or the quality looks poor, even if you think they are chip as chips! (there is a reason why we cost a fair bit if you are looking someone talented)

Plan and book as far in advance if possible. If a Florist is good they get booked up in advance!

Think what season you are going for carefully, for the flowers you want.
The times I get asked to have Peonies in November_ it ain't gonna happen!!

DO NOT say ' we are on a budget" its not a great opening gambit!
Tell the florist your idea and then they can tell you if it is possible .
Ask for a price list.

Take a mood board/pintrest or a few pictures, if you have found some you really like?

Tell the florist what look you are after- Country, informal. Not Vintage , we hear that ALL the time!!

List everything you want from Buttonholes to Thank you bouquets (people always forget these until the week before!)

A good florist can tell by your frame/size what bouquet will work best for you, but will depend on the dress.

They will also be able to tell you what is in season too.

Pay a deposit to ensure you have the date secured.

I don't do wedding fairs and I know a lot of very good florists who don't either.
Recommendations are the best adverts.

Some brides come to see me and do not have a clue what they want but are happy to go along with ideas and are easy going - these make the best Brides/clients and I then think 'your marriage will last" you are chilled out and happy to compromise- well that is what marriage is all about after all!!
Happy planning x


Helen said...

The photo of the flowers at the end of your post is gorgeous.....just gorgeous!! Makes me want to marry all over again!!

Karen Catangay said...

Those are some great tips on picking out or making the perfect bouquet for a wedding. Florists are really great, you’ll be surprised to see what they can come up with when it comes to arranging flowers in different, creative ways. Anyway, I love the photos, and all the flower arrangements are really amazing. Thanks for sharing!

Karen Catangay @ River Oaks Plant House