Thursday, 13 October 2011

Today I`v been mostly....

Some would say `I don`t get out enough ,Well ,I say that too at times. On the whole I rather like pottering (sorry,working) Doesn't really feel like work really if you love it??

Iv been at the cauldron (well,washing machine) dying a rather tatty old linen sheet-French lavender . Came out more grey,but hey ,I like! In an attempt at watching less winter telly . I'm trying to get busy of a dark eve. I'm go going to make a few bits and bobs.
A lot of people have aversions to Chrysanths but I'm getting rather fond of some of the little devils!
Scary looking beast but beautiful non the less. Highly poisonous I'm guessing ,I don't think I will try it?? The birds self seed it around the garden,doesn't bother them.


Karen vdD said...

Ditto pottering..... but then isn't that what we do? Today I intend to potter all day... far too busy to go anywhere! Enjoy your weekend!

The Cloth Shed said...

Love the results of your "lavender" linen sheet... it has turned out a really good colour. So exciting dyeing never know what the end result will be.
Have a good weekend pottering,
Julie x