Friday, 7 October 2011

All change

I had a sudden urge to remove everything out of the shop on Tuesday-clean and repaint.
Then have a move around of furniture .Out with the old in with the new/old antique finds .I went to several antique fairs last week and this week. Luckily my Hubie was off so we went in his car ,as mine was poorly ,so its been fixed (I really missed it-I know how much I can fit in it)

When I have a move around people always want what you removed or say `you have less in-no we have paired down or sold it!
We are less Floral (apart from flowers!) I'm not a huge chintz fan myself , I'm all greys and muted colours in the house -Iv had all sorts of shades over the years!!
I will have some floral in of course - if demand is there.
What do you prefer floral or pale and interesting??

Lot of gentlemen have been keen on floral chintz finds of late-interesting.


Country Rabbit said...

your style reminds me of french interiors, very beautiful ;0)
i do like pales, off whites but ive noticed a lot of colour creeping in...maybe im going through a change hehe x beautiful images, so spell bounding ;0)x

Lori's Glassworks said...

Your images of the shop are lovely, makes me fancy a visit to the UK. Thanks for sharing, Cheers!