Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Garden photos no3...The cutting field

The area for growing cut flowers is only in its second year. This year has been more of a challenge. Tulip blight,I have never had that problem before ,so no Tulip planting now for 3 years! Greenfly and then the drought early on. The hardy Annuals sown (a lot self sow themselves happily) in Autumn did so well but Spring sowing has been a dead loss-too dry.
I think its the hardest area to deal with ,perhaps because I don't like straight lines!! Mainly because I'm so busy ,but been under no illusions its very hard work. Hard to make it look attractive when you actually have to pick the flowers or leave them to seed!
I wanted to take some photos today but its so dark. I shall take some more and post them when it brightens up??
Someone emailed and asked if I had a gardener-No ,I don't I love doing myself ,but I do have lots of help with heavy stuff from my Husband. I have a young boy that comes and waters the plants in pots and his Dad kindly takes my green waste to recycling centre. Amazing how much waste it creates. We are Organic (hence the Greenfly)
I shall post what works for me and what I wont be growing tomorrow.


Belinda @ Wild Acre said...

Gorgeous pics of your cutting patch! Looking lovely even after a tough growing season. I am doing a little series on creating a cutting patch on my blog, could i post a couple of these pics and link to your blog? Bx

Foxtail Lilly said...

Yes, please do.

Laura said...

Just love your blog.... it refreshes the soul... we are in such a drought here... no cutting flowers... thanks for the photos...!!