Thursday, 23 June 2011

A small request...

I think our prices are reasonable and I like to think I'm pretty easy going but when it comes to customers asking for discount ,Its a little tiring ,to say the least! In the antique world of Wheeling and dealing it is customary to ask `the best price`. Flowers and plants and small emporiums ,please refrain from doing so. We small business cannot compete with the `big boys`. We don't get to Waitrose checkout and ask `for a little discount`, now do we??
You need to support the small local business. Several shops in Oundle have closed . We don't want to end up with huge impersonal stores.

Support your local stores!


Robin and the Sage said...

i agree what you wrote. here in Finland many flower shops feel poorly because every second flower pot or bouquet will be bought from supermarkets.

Tracey Sharp said...

Agree 100%.

Your prices are very reasonable, I can't believe people would feel the need to ask for discount!

Not only do you have wonderful little treasures in your shop, you are always welcoming and more than helpful (like last week when you hunted for different containers for me for the lavender I chose ~ thank you!). This is one of the main reasons I love popping in, I certainly wouldn't get that experience in supermarket.

I feel so strongly about supporting small local businesses and I try to remind people of the different options available and to open their eyes a little...

I cannot recommend Foxtail Lilly enough!

See you soon, Tracey