Friday, 10 June 2011

Eck! Filming next week. Plants and all sundries have arrived with the very friendly researcher.
People keep asking me `what are you going to wear?` I hadn't even thought about that one! I care more about how my garden looks rather than what I look like. Iv been rather care free shall we say in that department for a long while!! My daughter Poppy says` Mum , you either say, `Its to keep me warm ` or `Its for gardening` whenever I clothes shop. I used to be really into clothes and even contemplated doing fashion illustration when I was doing my A levels. Times have changed and I think I'm more comfortable in my own skin now . Cannot be that glamed up to garden would look odd!
We had a journalist and photographer here this week to write an article to coincided with the programme -The same photographer that took pics for `The Garden` magazine in 2006-so nice to catch up. That article you can download on

Have a good weekend we are opening are garden Sunday 2-5pm for Oundle open gardens-pop along . 30 gardens £5.00 -Bargain!!

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