Wednesday, 2 February 2011

I purchased these lovely old coloured glass bottles at the fair -not sure where they will go? 60s/
Iv had a thing about old coloured glass for years-not so keen on the 60s/70s glass (my mother-in -law collects) Then again I'm really not keen on 60`s /70`s decor anyhow ,may be hip right now but I'm really not into liking a trend because its of the moment. Wouldn't work in my old house.


Ionwen Charlesworth... said...

Snap, I have such eclectic tastes. Everything is so mismatched, but hey I love it that way!!! Hope you find room as they are lovely. Ionwen XXX

Streetcomber said...

They look brilliant on your sill.

Anonymous said...

I have a blue glass bottle like these but this is from a motel in Chicago..the motel/hotel is gone , building has been razed...i was hoping to find some information on the bottle cause this hotel was from the 1800's if i read right. It has the pump top like pictured but the glass has a monogram/crest and the hotel name and city on it.