Monday, 7 February 2011

Ede in b&w no2

Ahh-reminds me off my student days.... 90% of our work was black and white and I had my own darkroom in the attic room in Nottingham where I was studying documentary photography. I haven't took any B&W in a long .long time. Something raw and story telling about it.
We had a stray Lurcher appear on Sat eve ,for a while I thought we may have a new resident but we located his owner -his name was Stan, he was brindle ,lovely nature and Ede was NOT at all pleased to see him! Perhaps getting another mate for Ede will be put on hold??


Ionwen Charlesworth... said...

Ahhhh Ede, lovely name and what a lovely dog-y. Hahahah they sure dunna like having another on their patch hey?!?! Mine's the same!!!

There is something so amazing about B&W shoots and yes it get's you thinking about the picture and the story being told rather than just looking.

Speaks soon?!?! X

Streetcomber said...

Very atmospheric. Is this taken with your new camera?