Monday, 3 May 2010

You are a hardcore gardener when - a) Have a tan by April as you have been outside so much. (that`s with factor 30 sunblock on)
b) Cannot get your fingers clean , with all the scrubbing in the world not gonna shift from the cracks!
c) The birds wake you up and your itching to get out the door
d) Dinner time gets later and later . You only come inside when begged by the children to cook some grub.
e) You go to be aching but sleep like a baby


Joanne said...

Hello Foxtail Lilly
How did I come across your page, when I was just posting questions about my little rhododendron's badly effected leaves with yellow and brown marks?
...but had to laugh when I read your definition of a hardened gardener... very true...
I would only say here re (a) that I personally am still not tanned, as working unfortunately Mon-Fri and as the children have now left, it's the husband who sometimes asks late into the evening what's for dinner and sometimes even offers to start doing it himself.
Had a good look at your lovely site - would love to visit one day.

J.Sahn said...

cool posts, hey can you come to check out mine too? its pretty cool i guess, our english teacher is really uptight about the views and stuff though lol thanks!!!

Gill said...

Lovely blog.

How true your comments are about being a hardened gardener. I would also add:
House is untidy and dusty because housework interferes with gardening.
Sandwiches for dinner because there is no time for cooking.