Saturday, 29 May 2010

Garden open this Sunday and Monday

OK, so it didn't look this sunny today and it probably wont be tomorrow ?
Come along any way . What ever the weather!
Open garden here at Foxtail Lilly 11-5pm only £3.00 Children Free!
Lots of yummy cakes with a cuppa
Plants for sale
If you cannot make it Tomorrow then try and come on Monday

Exciting news this week - I was interviewed by Buuny Guinness this week for a piece in the Daily Telegraph Sunday Gardening supplement , out on June 6th.

If you do come to visit the garden and read my blog -please tell me ,Id love to meet you.


Graham Rice said...

This is a delightful garden, and this is a great time to visit. With the garden, the plants, the welcoming owner, the lovely shop with its bouquets and antiques - and the teas, of course - you're sure to have an enjoyable visit and come away with some good ideas.

I've visited often and there's always something interesting to see. Tracey has recently expanded, with her creation of a new cutting garden. Never a dull moment.

Rev.Kimber said...

The photos from this garden are beautiful. I wish I was within walking or driving distance for that matter.

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