Monday, 10 February 2014

 That time of year again- time to get 'Loved up'
Floral bouquets are available in the shop and delivered locally too!
01832 274593
Ordering is a jolly good idea!

Pink passion country bouquets 

Pink vintage style Roses with Spring flowers and foliage.
Wrapped in delicate pink tissue and a pretty ribbon.

Small £25.00
Medium £40.00
Large £100.00

Sometimes the simple things mean a lot .
I had a lovely customer bring me some brownies she made . I'm always touched when folk travel a few miles to see the shop let alone bring me cake too!! Was very yummy and made my day and Ede's as she stole some!!!


flowers on my table said...

What a lovely thing for your customer to do, there are some little treasures out there. Love your header photograph. Happy Valentine's Day! Love Linda x

The Snowdrop Project said...

What a beautiful bouquet .
It's lovely to see the mix of spring flowers and vintage roses.
Looking forward to seeing future posts.
Have a lovely Easter weekend,
Liz x