Friday, 4 October 2013

Happy days....

Poppy's 18th Birthday!!

Cannot believe my little girl is now 18!!
We had a great party in the garden.
 We went 10 years ago (before that film!) I'm glad it hasn't spoilt it! We didn't really see much mention off it, only by a few elderly Brits!! So quiet , the island in September-Bliss. Swimming in Crystal clear, blue waters.
 Blue everywhere!! I love Greece, I could go to all the islands and then go back again!! The people, the food, the weather -although we did get some rain, seemed rather odd- Rain in Greece!! Then the sun came bursting out!!

 So love that blue!!

 So many Cats!

Next year ....... maybe another island????

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flowers on my table said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter. I am sure you are all having a wonderful time, the photos are wonderful. I have never been to Greece, but it does look lovely. Love Linda x