Thursday, 7 March 2013

I had my birthday this week and I had a truly lovely day. The warm sunshine was truly the best present of all. My hubbie and I went to Cambridge . We had lunch sitting outside with a glass of fizz. We could have been in the med! A stroll around the shops and then a long over due visit to the botanical gardens. A bargain at £4.50 pp You could spend a whole day walking round, take a picnic and sit on the grass or visit the cafe. We went to see the Winter garden in all its glory. We were not disappointed even if it more like a Spring garden. The bees were out and the scent wafted the air. Mahonia buds, Viburnum all   gave out delicious scents but the strongest scent came from the Snowdrops! The large leaved 'grandiflora'  I think? Amazing scent. The garden was filmed that week for Gardeners world to be on Tv this Friday we were told. The garden is well worth a visit even on a cold day you can look round the hot houses.

When we returned home my son was making the most enormous calorific chocolate cake- it will take us all a week to eat it! Yummy!!

I had a wonderful day with lots of great gifts from friends - Im told Im very hard to buy for but they seem to know me well ( I got 5 bottles of fizz!! and enough chocolate to keep me all year!!)

So now on to Mothers day- post you on the other side!!

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Rosa said...

happy birthday to you for 2 days ago. I didn't even know about the botanical gardens at Cambridge, they look beautiful. That cake does not look bad either. I need to train my children a bit better in the cake making department.