Thursday, 6 September 2012

Magic moments.....

 Our holiday in Kas, Turkey only finished on Monday evening, yet it already seems along while ago now. The new school term and new schools for my two, bit stressful, I felt like it was their first day at school!
 The sea was so warm, the water taxi took us to the beach , we lazed on bean bags in the shade on little wooden lodges. Lots of swimming, snorkeling .

 Returning for an evening swim at the house on the peninsula, with a warm breeze in the evening where we watched the sun set.
 Flowers adorn the garden by the villa, so bright in the sunshine.

 Quaint little shop in the town.
 A market on Fridays-so much lush fruit and vegetables

The flat breads !!

 Carpet shops by the cafes
 Oh, the juicy peaches and plums!!

Ahh, happy times......

Now back to school, work and earth with a bump!!
This was our 6th time in Kas, and these are the reasons we love it so.


Helen said...

Wonderful.......just what holidays are all about!!
Love Helen

Kalkan Villas said...

nice pictures. i love the atmosphere there