Sunday, 1 July 2012

 Sometimes work can, well just feel like work but then comes a job comes along to remind you why you do what you do? The wedding this weekend didn't feel like work, it was a total pleasure. The clients were lovely and the venue was held in a lovely country garden belonging to the Brides parents. I do think if you have the space and a pretty garden then that is truly your best bet because ..
A - Why pay for a venue that so many others have also used?
B- Share your beautiful garden you have tenderly loved for others to see.
C- not far to travel!
D- you will feel so much more relaxed and literally feel 'At home" your guests will pick up on the vibes and will feel relaxed too.
E- save some money on venue costs , obviously! Spend it on the garden instead!!

We got married in our garden and apart from foolishly doing the food ourselves (although are amazing friends helped ) was hard work -Get caterers in every time!!
I wouldn't have or would ever again get married anywhere else!
 Loved these tissue pom poms made by the brides Mum-isnt it lovely when family can join in and feel involved. I really got the feeling this family loved working together .

 The pergola was the entrance to the marque-great for photos.

 I loved the colour of the front door-so light and summery
 So many Roses climbing up the pergola and walls.

Lovely to be appreciated and told how much they loved the flowers , I came away feeling very happy with my work and hopping they all had an amazing day .

Been a good week. It was our wedding anniversary this week- 18 years but we have been together 24 ! I carnet believe its been so long I hope the bride and groom will be as happy as we have been.


Jacqui Wise said...

Beautiful flowers and marquee. I love the colour of the Hydrangeas with the green showing through with the pink and blue.

Helen said...

Oh how lovely! It makes me want to get married all over again!!
H xx

Thecraftytrundler said...

Happy Anniversary to you!! The wedding looked heavenly! Oh to have a garden like that!!!

Sharon xx