Friday, 8 June 2012


The rain keeps on a comin! Pretty on Alchemilla mollis.
After endless searching for a new holiday destination, we are returning to our old haunt -Kas in Turkey. We all loved it, so we are booking for our annual visit .

I had a lovely break over the extended weekend -I felt like Id emerged from a rabbit hole after the break, as we avoided all the red white and blueness straight into weddings, garden groups , so busy this time of year.

This is one of the lovely shops in Kas town

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Jacqui Wise said...

I love Alchemilla mollis and it does look so pretty catching the rain drops and morning dew. Yours looks a little further on than mine though. I'm getting fed up with the rain and today we also have high winds. Just been in the garden and the slugs have stripped the leaves from one of my dahlia plants. There seems to be so many of them (and the snails) at the moment because of the wet. At least you should be guaranteed some sunshine in Turkey!