Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Feeling rather glum...

I have a hospital appointment that Iv not been looking forward to for a while now. So I will have to close on Friday . I`m trying to put it to the back of my mind(don`t think its working!)
I'm changing things around in the shop-I tend to do that when I'm worried about something, A control thing I guess??
Heard some bad news the other day- our recycling centre is stopping collecting green waste along with all the other items its stopping! The town has had a petition for sometime ,we even got Alan Titchmarsh to sign it for us when he was here. Thousands of signatures !! The council in their short sighted wisdom , keep cutting back on the real needed facilities like public toilets etc. I don't know how I will manage,I have so much green waste with my garden,let alone the shop! I have even questioned if I shall carry on doing flowers and concentrate on vintage-
Answers on a postcard please!!

Ede has taken a shine to the Ottomans we have been selling lately!



That is bad news and very short sighted by the council not to collect green waste anymore.
I hope they change their mind!
Best wishes,
Ingrid x

The Garden Path Flower Shop said...

Please carry on! You are constantly inspiring to me. When the powers-that-be hand you lemons, make lemonade! Or, more precisely - make compost! One of the best things about moving my shop to my home in December is that I get to keep my own green waste. Best wishes to you!

Country Rabbit said...

i hope all goes well at the hospital ;0)
your flowers always looks so stunningly beautiful!!! love the vintage items with them too.
seems so weird the council will not collect green waste, thought they made such a big thing about collections and being green! and now they're doing away with the good in replacement for the bad!- bad idea!...like 'above' comment hope they can see that this is a wrong step too far!...;0)

Gill said...

I can't believe the council is so short sighted to stop recycling green waste. I agree with The Garden Path Flower Shop, you need more compost bins. Don't stop the flowers.
You are probably feeling down because of Friday. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.
Kind regards

Romi and Bob said...

Hope the hospital is not too stressful. I get all active when I am worried. Today it was sanding furniture.
I am sure your shop will be looking lovely and we all need some areas in life that we have control over.
Tracy x