Thursday, 27 January 2011


A magical place full of images to capture around every corner with so much colour,a joy after grey winter skies.
The sun warming your skin ,so welcome.
Berber`s kitchen

The foothills of the Atlas mountains.

Streets like labyrinths and wooden doorways

Feasts from stalls to lantern lit restaurants with belly dancers and musicians.

Planning our next trip-lots more to explore for buisness and pleasure.


Streetcomber said...

Love the pic of the Berber kitchen!

The Garden Path Flower Shop said...

What am I doing in rainy Oregon???

Graham Rice said...

It looks fantastic! I could just do with some sun... Quite the opposite of here in Pennsylvania where we have snow and ice coming today, "a storm of historic proportions" says the TV weather man. Gulp.

Anonymous said...

Acho seu blog um charme.... Lugares lindos, arranjos armoniosos. Sem dúvida é tudo feito com muito bom gosto. Sempre que posso, estou aqui visitando seu blog.