Monday, 28 June 2010

water, water, pick , pick...

Sweet peas - got lovely long stems. Wish you could smell them!

Iv not posted for a while as its been frantic. The shop , weddings, open garden on Sunday , watering, watering, picking, picking then more picking.

Visiting Dad as he is still in hospital! I have thought for the first time `i cant do all this` Time to delegate? My family have been amazing for putting up with me ALWAYS in the garden! Helping out. All hands on deck on Sunday my son helped serve ice creams . Poppy was in the shop and Hubie took the money at the gate. My lovely friends all came to the rescue. My dear friend stepped in to do teas and baked the most wonderful cakes.

I was surprised how may came in that heat and the endless sports on TV ( why people sit inside on a lovely day to watch TV astounds me?) My friends Hubie said after the match `Iv just wasted 2 hours of my life` couldn't put it better myself!