Monday, 15 March 2010

Come into the garden Maud...

Been working in the garden today (no it doesn't look like this at the moment- just Snowdrops and Hellebore's out)
Got to get my finger out and get working as everything is so behind with the weather.
The garden is open in May so lots to do!! We are open this year again for the NGS ( National Garden Scheme) We raised £7000 for the charities last year. We are open May 30th (Sunday) and May 31st Bank holiday Monday 11-5pm Pop along if you can . We will have teas (not on the lawn , as i don't have one!) and Yummy cakes. The shop will be open and lots of plants for sale . We will have lots of vintage gardenalia too.

Iv been planting Old Roses today - I brought these when we visited Norfolk. We know some fab little nurseries . We always pop in , we know then well now! You cannot beat true plant Nursery that sell PLANTS , not wind chimes and gnomes .Do people go for plants or cups of tea on a Sunday??

I'm going of on a tangent - The Roses have been planted in the field . The Annuals planted last Autumn have taken a hit with the weather and the pesky Rabbits . I have never had trouble with them before but this year they have munched through plants galore! They much have moved in because of the cold?