Saturday, 26 December 2009

Hoping you all had a lovely Christmas?
we all chilled , a sense of calm took over us all.
I read Monty Don`s diary - so in grossed I completed it in a day.A total inspiration , Lovely writing.
My favourite present- a poem from my daughter. Makes you realise we don't need to rush around in a stressful haze and throw our money at something to produce a thoughtful gift.

A relief its all melting away, the stress too .

I crave pink , blue (just not RED!)
Salad or a Curry?
Hot sunshine
A de-clutter

As much as I wallow in a relax , I'm not one for lots of tv and sitting down for long periods .
A crave my garden , for the blanket of winter to depart and awake to Spring.
I know its too soon yet! Something to dream about, seed catalogues , holidays to plan . Rooms to paint. I rub my hands in glee.
Some get all excited over this Yule tide feast, but I dream of the Seasons to come.