Sunday, 23 November 2008

Iv done xmas!!!

I feel as if its been xmas for ages iv ordered xmas stock way back in the summer , we have had the xmas preview . I have all the prezzies (apart from the Hubie - who keeps buying all the books and climbing gear he needs!!!) Wrapped and spirited away from spying eyes although I'm sure someone has had a peek!! Iv eat too many mince pies already-I love buying gifts and stock , but that's it for me - Christmas day is enough I then want to move on to Spring-Bah humbug i hear you cry -I'm just a sunshine kind of girl-Perhaps lapping oceans BBQ on the beach and id love it!! I shall pop a request in to Santa.
I'm missing the garden, Iv put all the bulbs in -HURRAH, raked the leaves so its gone to bed. I should put my feet up -but im just not very good at that at all.